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Winston Doull
Kaiserstr. 74
D-42781 Haan Germany

Tel: +49 (0)2129-373850


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Winston Doull

1947 born in Zimbabwe, son of a musician
4 years education in telecommunication in South Africa
Lifesaving and surfing in Durban
1971 Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro yacht race, Admirals Cup in GB on the Dutch yacht "Bolero" via Portugal and Greece to Israel
1971-77 trained in an artglass-workshop on a kibbutz in Israel, stained glass, fusing, slumping
1977 -79 studied glass blowing at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem
1979-1990 studio in the Arts and Crafts Lane in Hutzot Hayotzer, Jerusalem
1990 building up studio for glass fusing, beadmaking and glassblowing in Haan, Germany
2001-2008 Bezalel Glassgallery in Haan
since 2009 building ovens not only for glass but also for Pizza and back to surfing

Working with other professionel artists, Winston developed skills and knowledge in arts and crafts working with different materials like leather, metals, ceramics, paint and mosaics. Whenever there was a problem with the execution of a project, there would be someone that had a solution.

That background has influenced the way Winston works with glass, hot and molten or cold and hard. He always finds a new way of treating and shaping the glass.

Throughout his life Winston met people that opened up new perspectives to his life.

One of the most important is his friend and mentor, the Israeli artist Motke Blum. A highlight in their relationship was the restoration of an antique mosaic during an archaeological dig outside the city walls of Jeruasalem.

Ghani Torso of Venice helped Winston to build his first glassmelting furnace.

Dani Verberne, teacher at Bezalel Art School and close friend taught him glassblowing and furnace building. He also introduced him to Lino Tagliapetra and Dale Chihuly.

In Malta Winston met Elio Quarisa from Murano who fascinates his viewers with the dance he performs with molten glass.

Living in Germany since 1990 Winston works in many different tecniques e.g. stained glass, fusing,slumping, casting, glassblowing, beadmaking .

He developes and manufactures tools and kilns to suit the different styles of work.

In 2003 Winston spent a few weeks in Malta helping Phoenician Glass Co. set up beadmaking and fusing departments.

As guest lecturer in 2004 at the School of Design at the Metropolitan College in Glasgow, Winston intrduced his latest invention, the Grotto Kiln.

He devotes much of his time sharing his knowledge and experience by running workshops and demos of glass beadmaking in Europe and USA.

Stained glass windows commissioned by synagogues in Israel, Los Angeles, Baltimore and New York were done in cooperation with J. Freiman, Israel.

Other commissions include stained glass and sculptures in public buildings and private homes in Israel, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.

Glass objects are permanently exhibited in galleries throughout Europe.

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Copy Right; Winston Doull, Designs in Glass